Central Asia

Tajikistan photo gallery

Amazing nature & great people. That is Tajikistan. If you love untouched mountains without tourist and are you looking for place where you can get close to the culture of the country then don’t search anymore. In this Tajikistan photo gallery you would find what you can see in this country.

I love mountains therefore I used to be really curious how this part of the world looks like. To be honest I could not really imagine how is country where mountains covers more than 90% of the country. In same time I was exited to see all amazing landscapes which I saw so many times on the photos.

People are living here in quite poor conditions, but I think they are rich in their culture, minds and especially in the way of life they live. So many friendly and open people you would not find in many countries. When I talked with these people I thought more then before that at home we have all we want and we are still not happy. On the other hand people in Tajikistan don’t have much, but they are happy and most importantly they know how to enjoy their lives. However their lives are difficult…

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