China… One of the biggest countries in the world. Also one of the countries where for most foreigners is hard to communicate with the people (if you leave Shanghai or Beijing). Country which is so diverse in its culture, but thanks to its fast development and globalization is now loosing it all. Cities, way of life, all start to be uniform. Modern / new is good and all with history (that mean old) is considering be bad… That was one of the most sad things I had chance to experience during my visit. Actually even thou I am really glad that I had a chance to be there still it was as well probably the biggest disappointment on my long carrier break trip.

As well even you know that you are going to “Communist” country and you are expecting to be under somewhat control, than if you open your eyes you are still surprised how far is all controlled. The government really knows how to use / take advantage of modern technology.

Still in case you want to see something from real “Chines” culture you can. But honestly you need to quite hard look for it. On the other hand what is easy, am I right?

The food is amazing and still you can find quite lot from Tibetan culture and not even go to Tibet province. What is probably the thing most visitors are looking for or are interested when they comes to China. Quite interesting part of my trip where as well local students. Who as the China becomes more and more rich gained opportunity to travel around. Therefore quite often you get to hostel where you are the only foreigner and everybody ask you if you speak English. Because they want to practice. Even thou mostly they can say only “How are you” it is cute and worth to try get in touch. Anyway you never know who speak good level of English and than can help you get around. As everywhere, local people know best where are interesting places in their own country…

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