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You are welcome to request almost any photo displayed in the galleries on this website. They can be used as interior photography images / canvases for your home or office use. Prices of these photos are individual and depend on size, usage and number of images you order.

I am open to arrange photography session where I can take photos of your family, kids or as well for business purposes. Also I can compile your own postcard or calendar from photos on my website or from our photography session.

Below you can find examples of photographs and samples of thematic collections of images suitable for postcards or calendars.

In case you are interested to purchase electronic version of an image, please describe precisely how you intend to use the image(s) (Usage and Licensing of Photographs). I will then draft an appropriate license agreement and determine a price. Once the terms are agreed upon the images, they will be sent via CD / email / Internet along with an invoice.

To order any of offered products or in case you have any queries please to contact me at
Phone: +420 606 845 013