Central Asia

Uzbekistan photo gallery

Blue and dry that is Uzbekistan. This is a main thing I will remember from the country and that is what you can see in “Uzbekistan photo gallery”.

When you travel from west to east of the country then countryside is flat, dry and slowly is changing to the greenish hilly landscape. Most famous country cities were important “pitstops” for caravans during their way on the Silk road from Turkey to China (or vice versa). Also for mentioned reasons these cities became thought centuries diamonds of architecture. Only today they doesn’t serve caravans, but are famous tourist spots and UNESCO heritage places. Khiva, Bukhara or Samarkand are cities full of history and amazingly blue craft buildings which have lot of to offer and you can spend hours walking around visiting museums or only observe its architecture. If you have only a bit imagination you can feel / live for a while like in a fairytale. 

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