Central Asia


Turkmenistan was one of post Soviet countries I wasn’t really sure what to expect and actually wasn’t even so interested. My curiosity a bit grow up with obstacles when I was applying for the visa. At the end I got transit visa only for three days. As I later realized I was quite lucky to get three days. What a long time to get an impression of the country. On the other hand I applied for transit visa so what did I expected…
Most of local people I met in this country were quite unfriendly and tried charge me for everything and anything with incredible prices. On one side I am not so surprised when you know how government treat them, but on the other hand I hate when I feel like “Walking wallet”.
Special experience was Turkmenistan capital Ashgabat whose downtown is gold and white marble ghost city. It is incredible how people can waste money they earn (from oil) for useless things. When in same time leave own people living in quite poor conditions. Still it was unique experience which I did not have a chance to have somewhere else.

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