Torres del Paine

Have you been in Chile? Yes I did. Where have you been there? Torres del Paine… That is scenario which you would hear when you ask foreigners who were in Chile what they visited in the country. You can be almost 100% sure they will tell you “Torres del Paine” and they know why. Chile is long string of land pressed between the Pacific and the towering Andes which takes from North to South 4,270 km. Therefore you have to carefully choose which part you want visit. Especially if you have limited time for your holidays.

The country offer plenty places for visit and Torres del Paine is touristy, expensive, beautiful and definitely worth visit. Actually who didn’t ever dream about visiting Patagonia one day? So this beautiful National park on the southernmost part of the country with one of most inspiring and not hard hiking in the world is good option.

Already when you are coming by bus to the park entrance you know that you are going to the special place. Later when you are walking around the lakes and between amazing mountain landscapes you come to the point when you don’t know when stop taking photos. If you love mountains you would feel here like in paradise.

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