Flores / Indonesia

Semana Santa

Celebrating Semana Santa in Indonesia? Yes it is possible. Most of the people think that Indonesia is only Muslim country that is not true at all. In reality yes Indonesia is biggest Muslim country in the world or may be better say most populous Muslim majority country, but in same time is home to hundreds of ethnic groups speaking many different languages. Together with influence from colonialism, different parts of country took over different religions and traditions. Because the country is archipelago you can find on one island Christianity, on next Muslims and other is Hindu…

This Semana Santa celebration I joined on Flores Island. People told me to come in the morning to the church where all will happen. As they mentioned was important to come as early as possible, because normally comes lot of people and later on is hard to get a seat inside of the church. That was also my plan. Which changed quite soon after I reached the church. People were approaching from everywhere with big leaves in their hands and in fancy dresses. At the end I did not manage get inside of the church, because I stocked to take photos during outside ceremonies. Anyway I didn’t remain alone. Came so many people that plenty of them stayed outside and were sitting everywhere where they could hear at least a bit of what priest was saying inside of the church. Be honest I really enjoyed to sit outside and observe people.

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