Southeast Asia


Myanmar, one of the less known Southeast Asian countries. Even thou more and more tourist start to come here the country is still not so touristic as neighboring Thailand. Because her long time closure to the outside world every time you visit the country there will be at least one more new place to visit. The place where as a tourist you haven’t been permitted to go last time probably now you can visit.

One of tourist favorite places to visit in Myanmar is Bagan. Photos from there I have in separate photo gallery. Except Bagan in Myanmar is still lot to see. Places like Inle lake, Hsipsaw, Mandalay, Mandalay Ancient cities and many other are as good as Bagan is. If you have enough of touristic places just chat with the local people. That is quite easy here, because the country is former British colony. Therefore basically every body can speak at least some level of English.

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