Middle East

Lebanon photo gallery

Lebanon is not the country which would be by many people considering as holiday destination. From my point of view it is quite big mistake, because the country has lot of to offer as you can see in Lebanon photo gallery below.

Reasons why Lebanon attract me for the visit were quite simple. The country is home to a world famous national cuisine, rich history and the Middle East’s most glamorous city (Beirut) or how used to be called “The Paris of the Middle East”. What more? It is also a country where the fiery orators and soldiers of Hezbollah are based and where scores of Palestinian and today also many Syrian refugees shelter…

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Lebanon coast

Byblos roman theatre

Byblos crusader castle

Tripoli skyline

Famous Lebanon mercedes taxis

Street signs

Old mosque entrance

Muslim cemetery

Old muslim man

Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque / Beirut

Ancient ruins / Beirut

Streets of Beirut

Beirut coast promenade

Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque by night / Beirut

Great Court / Baalbek

Great Court / Baalbek


Temple of Jupiter and Ceremonial Staircase / Baalbek

Temple of Jupiter / Baalbek

Temple of Bacchus / Baalbek

Temple of Bacchus / Baalbek

Temple of Bacchus / Baalbek

Street shops / Sidon

Sidon block of flats

Street life

Sidon street

Tyre harbour

Al-Bass ruins / Tyre

Al-Bass archway / Tyre