Middle East


This Iran image gallery shows images from my traveling on the ancient Silk Road from Istanbul to China by land. On this trip I also visited Iran and fall in love in to the country and its people. I am trying to show here other side of Iran which is far from what you may have seen in the media.

You can find here images from places as Tehran, Yazd, Tabriz, Isfahan, Persepolis, Kaluts and others.

Here are some basic facts about the Iran which in itself demonstrate one more reason why to visit this country. For its amazing history… Iran until 1935 known as Persia is officially “The Islamic Republic of Iran”. Country is home to one of the world’s oldest civilisations (beginning with the formation of the Proto-Elamite and Elamite kingdom in 3200 – 2800 BCE). Iran’s rich cultural legacy is reflected by its 19 UNESCO World Heritage Sites (the 4th largest number in Asia and 12th largest in the world).

Comprising a land area of 1,648,195 km2 is the second largest country in the Middle East and the 18th-largest in the world. Then with 78.4 million inhabitants is Iran the world’s 17th most populous country.

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