Amazon river boat travel

Green, relaxed and quiet (if you don’t count never ending loud Brazilian music from upper deck) that describe best Amazon river boat travel. When I was thinking about Brazil before I came there, then I had in my head only one place, the Amazon river. Therefore what would be better option how to finish my journey in South America then on the biggest river on the planet?

At the end I spend in Amazonia one month and went from delta of Amazon river in Belem to the last Brazilian city on the river, to Tabatinga. After that I crossed border to Colombian Leticia for a while. During this trip I changed few boats as I was stopping in different places I wanted to visit.

Traveling on the Amazon river is experience in itself. You sleep in hammock and only what you can do is read, sleep, drink, watching the river, forest and local life glide by. If you ever had a problem to slow down then come here. The environment will teach you how to do it well. As I already mentioned on the boat is basically nothing to do. Therefore one of your biggest entertaining moments will be eating. This will remain for whole ride, but from excitement what is cooked today you end up with kind of boring day after day same food. But still, you meet amazingly friendly people who would love to chat with you (here would help if you manage speak some Portuguese or at least Spanish)…

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